on getting mail and getting paid: zines and Patreon

I'm really, really pleased to say that after almost three years hiatus, I will be publishing a new zine at the end of this month. I have the poems (and one short story) all collected and I plan to print next Sunday. Some of you have read some of this material; some of it is brand new. All of it will, eventually, go up on the zine archive here, and there should be teaser zines containing two or three of the poems in the Transcend Garneau Zine Machine sometime in the next couple weeks (for those of you in Edmonton), but I would also love to send you a physical copy. This is where Patreon comes in. 

Patreon is the brainchild of Jack Conte. Basically, it's like an ongoing Kickstarter for artists who create and release content on a regular basis. If you like my content (in this case, poetry zines), you can become my patron and pledge an amount of your choosing that Patreon collects on my behalf whenever I release a new zine. For my part, I send my patrons physical copies of new zines and give them advance access to the digital material that will be posted on this website.

Zines are, in my mind, an ideal way for a writer to share her work. They're an ideal way to consume new poetry. They have the added excitement of arriving in the mail. I go into more detail here, and if you'd like to know more, or if you'd like to receive a copy of the new zine, you can check out my Patreon page.  If you're curious about zines, I still have several copies of A Cozy Home sitting on my desk. Email me with your address (lizziederksen@gmail.com) and I'll happily send you one.

If you've been reading my work in any format, thank you a million times; I could not be happier. If you think you might like to patronize me (in the best possible way), thanks as well. 

Also: thanks to Glynis, who is my first patron. I shrieked an earsplitting shriek when I got that notification.