Accomplice update

Hello my friends,

Writing briefly to all of you who preordered Accomplice--we've missed our hoped-for release by a couple of weeks, but that's only because we've been trying to suss out printing this book on a RISOGRAPH printer owned and operated by Jenna Heinemann and Skye Olson. This is an exciting opportunity because:

1) it's a unique manufacturing method with an aesthetic that lends itself very well to our book design

2) I would rather pay Jenna and Skye than a big printing company

3) we have more control over certain design elements--i.e. we can, if we want, riso the inside pages and silkscreen the covers

4) printing with Jenna and Skye makes this a five-woman collaboration--if we can make this work, it'll be something of which I'm pretty proud

With any luck these books will still be mailed out to you shortly. Thanks for your patience!


XX Lizzie