State of the Union, Part 3 (life)

It is 3:50 on Saturday afternoon.

It is two hours before I have to leave to go to the Empress and twelve hours before I will be home in bed, asleep. I am 26. The birthday cake in the fridge is half gone. Our livingroom walls are painted green. Winter is back. Dylan is going to cut his hair. War and Peace is not as bad as I thought. My grandma is in the hospital. My mother is back from Florida; she loved it. The fridge is humming. Ashleigh is on sick leave. Venture Publishing is seven months late, paying me. Peter's new album is finished. Laura is finally taking Video Kitchen at FAVA. Fear is still the most useless and damaging thing. The Steinbeck biography is just as good as I hoped. I am a terrible drunk. My friends are kind and almost unbelievably generous. New York University is not going to let me into their creative writing program. Kyle is living one door down from Shawn. Sigur Ros is playing a show we are going to in April. Kyanite is an ideal transmitter of energy from one being to another.  Abstract: The Art of Design is pretty good TV.  3b drawing pencils are ideal for writing stories. The March page in the Maxim calendar is not as good as January. Simpkin is chiller by the day. It is important for us to be deliberate and choose better symbols for ourselves. Dylan and I are going to get married in October.