State of the Union, Part 1 (projects)

Here is what I have been working on:


The first draft of the collection of short stories about Caronport is finished. I wrote 7 of the 10 stories this year, after I got a grant from the Edmonton Arts Council to complete the first draft manuscript. There is a stack of typed pages sitting beside me as I write this. I'll submit it to the EAC this month, then use it to try to find a literary agent.

The stories are about two children, Esther Spellicy and Sheldon Knowles, and their parents. When I started it I thought it was about the kind of childhood embarrassment that verges on mortification, but now I see it is more about the kind of childhood loneliness that comes with seeing the land and the adults around you too clearly. The stories, in their tentative current order, are called:

The Jehovah's Witnesses Episode, which is about the time that Esther mobilized a gang of children against members of a cult

The Green Dragon, which is about the Knowles's minivan

Thrift, which is about trying to save things

Highs Below, which is also about trying to save things

Christian Internet, which is about sex and having career goals as a woman

Ess, which is Jesus's take on Esther Spellicy

Mrs. Knowles, which is about the time that homeschooling failed Sheldon and his mother

Mopsy, which is about hating a little girl and how that feeling is memory-warping and transfers onto things it shouldn't

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree, which is about drafty attics and escapism

Foxes Have Holes, which is about the flat land



The poetry chapbook that I've been working on with Hannah Braun and Kaylin Put and written about here and made available for pre-order here should be going to print within a week or two. A little later than I'd hoped (we were shooting for a March 15 release), but so close. We're going to print a few hundred copies, that will be for sale online, as well as (hopefully) through a couple of boutiques in Edmonton, and possibly distributors in other cities--I've got my feelers out. As soon as the books are done, there will be a poetry house show and release party at Arts Hub. Here's Kaylin in my livingroom a few weeks ago with the completed cover illustrations. I can't believe how beautiful this book is going to be. 



The short film formerly known as BUILD GOD, which I've written about here and here. I'm working on a second cut right now, which will bring the length of the film down from 30 minutes to 20 or 22 minutes. When the second cut is finished I'll be submitting it to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for review, though I'll still have quite a lot of post-production to do. Most importantly, I'll finally be ready to start working with Mary Wood of Feverfew, who will be composing the score. There's a great deal of work ahead of me on this little movie, but I am thrilled with how it is developing. I'll be releasing a trailer later this month.


Secret Project

I've just started working on something I can't talk much about. It's a writing project, the biggest one I've ever done, and I think it will consume most of my time from now until the summer.