January 1, 2017

An incredible thing, our whole society trying to swipe the slate clean, together on the same day. We have managed to learn how to do that. 

A few things I am grateful for: 

- the love of a good man, a family, an adopted family, many beautiful friends, the best cat

- the chance my little sister got this year to start a new kind of life

- my work, which includes three manuscripts and a film at the moment

- the opportunities Dylan and I have to learn from each other, accept love from each other, help each other, and try to be better artists and better people--I don't know how I can ever deserve so many chances

- a place to live, material wealth of all kinds, more than I can use

- the revelation that is dancing in public

- a healthy body that seems to have forgiven me for abusing it so badly

A few things I would like:

- more patience, for just about everything

- grace in jealous situations

- unflagging energy and good habits for my work

- closer relationships with my siblings

- closer relationships with my lovers

- the chance to prove myself as a writer and a film maker 

- a driver's license

Happy New Year my friends. The fresh slate is arbitrary, human-made like anything that means anything, only that cosmic, only that real, but let's use it anyway. God knows we need to.