Blue ReVue

A couple of weeks ago, Dylan, Theo, and I made a film for Edmonton's annual Blue ReVue film festival, which is a one-night-only showcase and competition of amateur pornography run by Vue Weekly, the local independent newspaper.

I feel lucky that something like this exists in Edmonton where it's not only the work ethic that's puritanical. (Someone came into Empress the other night from out of town and asked me where to find the gay bars. I had to tell them there's only one.) But the Blue ReVue is surprisingly popular. The Metro is usually packed, and first place takes a respectable $1000 prize. At the end of the night, they destroy the hard copies so so far no one has found themselves leaked onto the internet.

I'm more proud of this film than of any other film I've been involved in. When we were talking about how to approach a genre that a lot of people reduce to parody, I realized that we had to be willing to try to make it beautiful. We couldn't succumb to the implicit combination of shame and brashness that makes so much porn intolerable. We made sure the lighting was nice. Dylan used his new camera. We filmed each other eating dinner (quinoa, beet greens, eggs, wine, cake from Theo's work). We recorded two hours of conversation about writing and Seinfeld and art criticism and previous sexual experiences and our favourite sounds. We filmed each other doing things we normally do. We called the finished short 'compersion'It's beautiful and real and I want people to see it.

The Blue ReVue is happening on September 14 at 7 pm at the Metro Cinema. There's also going to be a burlesque show. You can buy tickets here.