Don't write about being white

There is a reason why

everyone around me

my partner and I 

have smoked, drunk, and dressed,

educated and dentist-

appointed our way

into debt.


Because several men hold the money hostage. 


Or it’s as if 

they’ve eaten it, now

it’s shit flushed down

the white toilet. It doesn’t

fertilize our balcony garden.


They put it away for so long

that it died.


They invited the world to a 

banquet and left the food to rot.

Like rats in the pantry

we’re stealing it back— 

stealing it back to lock it up,

buying a second truck.


Technically, tragically, none of my friends can afford to live.




The title is a quote that I actually disagree with, from a piece called "What It Is" by Reginald Dwayne Betts, published in the March 2013 issue of Poetry magazine.

I'm trying to write poems again, but I find myself not caring about getting them published in magazines no one but other submitters read. I wrote in my journal today, "It just occurs to me now that stories are great, but poems are the way I think." So.