Simpkin is sleeping on the striped blanket behind me.

Hannah is at her new office job. Leonard Cohen is dead and so is Marianne. The new cafe on 95th Street is open. Trevor's plane is out of the garage. My mother is singing in a choir. BUILD GOD is open in Premiere Pro. Breakfast is leftover cake. Peter is dating a girl. My tattoo is 1/3 complete. Dylan is working on a Telefilm grant. "Cakeland" is published. The bed is made. My grad school applications are in. My coffee is cold. Shawn and Tom are living in Arts Hub with us. Gwen is retired. The men from the Italian Centre are roasting chestnuts. Winter is here. Susie's battery is dead. Overfraught Productions is my sole proprietorship company. My dad is not speaking to me. Dylan's new jeans are made here in Edmonton. Laura is back from Israel. My right ear is pierced again. Holly is a babe. Forgiveness is not disputable. Theo is going to Hawaii for Christmas. The City of Edmonton is keeping LRT stations open overnight so people can sleep in them. Grace is living in Cape Breton. The best movie of the year is Kelly Reichhardt's CERTAIN WOMEN. Dorothy is approved for a mortgage. The Salinas Ice Company is something I have seen. Jealousy is a force to be reckoned with. Eliot is living in his own apartment. Erwin is fine, after a car accident. Trump is president and Trudeau is prime minister. Monk is not lost. Ashleigh is writing a song for me to play violin on. Our apartment is the most beautiful home in the city, with the most beautiful Christmas tree. Sunrise is at 8:45. An Oxford English Dictionary is sitting on my desk. Geoff's mom is a fox. The internet is increasingly a problem. Matthew is living a new life in Victoria. Blanche is a good winter car. Kyla is buying an espresso machine. The new bookshelf is half full. Love is wiser and stronger than it was a year ago.