update: open apartment on 118th

It seems like high time for an update on Sunday open apartments.

These were on hold longer than I wanted them to be--a combination of exams, various solstice celebrations, and Dylan and me moving across the river. 

However! Open apartment has slowly resumed at our new place on 118th Ave. 

In this new year, I'd like to better facilitate reading aloud. So that people feel free to share work they've been reading or writing without apology, and so that anyone who wants to can attend open apartment without feeling pressure to read, it would be great if you could send me a message letting me know if you're planning to read on an upcoming Sunday. I'll start keeping a list, with four or five readers per week, and we can go from there. 

Open apartment is running from 2-5, Sunday afternoons. James has already told me that he's going to summarize some of his recent reading on addiction this Sunday. Send me an email or a text for the address. It would be beautiful to see you!