Cat Fracks


Cat, hairless and alien, 

saw humanity behaving as if

it had come to the end of its run. 


Twenty on and ten days off. Fort McMurray

was Hell it was America.


He was deported, he made a fortune. 


Men planning to die in approximately

fifteen years

wondered how much to take with them.


Perched on a rig, Cat

flipped loonies at inaccessible strippers

below, Earth was the Moon,


it was a crater, a wound, a dump,

a dumped body. Buddy

agreed it was a job. Cat,


the ultimate artist, bought things.


Wringing her hands, his mother

turned on the faucet and lit the water on fire. 


Meanwhile, women disappeared.

Meanwhile, Exxon expanded meanwhile

birds smothered, libraries burned.




Yes, I resurrected Cat