October 15, 2014

She cannot come all the way


She comes as far as water no further


She comes with the birth push

Into eyelashes into nipples the fingertips

She comes as far as blood and to the tips of hair

She comes to the fringe of voice

She stays

Even after life among the bones


She comes singing she cannot manage an instrument

She comes too cold afraid of clothes

And too slow with eyes wincing frightened

When she looks into wheels


She comes sluttish she cannot keep house,

She can just keep clean

She cannot count she cannot last


She comes dumb she cannot manage words

She brings petals in their nectar fruits in their plush

She brings a cloak of feathers an animal rainbow

She brings her favourite furs and these are her speech


She has come amorous it is all she has come for


If there had been no hope she would not have come


And there would have been no crying in the city


- Ted Hughes