Liam's coffee

Every morning that I open the cafe, my friend Liam, who washes dishes in the back and keeps me updated on politics, orders a coffee. It usually looks something like this. Usually, a person will write down some shorthand for their order on the post-it note, but Liam always orders a quad cappuccino and there's no need to remind me of this, morning after morning. Instead, he draws me a comic. 

I've been kicking myself for failing to document more of these; collected, they form an efficient almanac. The very best in music, world events, Edmonton, and pathetic politicians, mixed in with Liam's adventures in cross-country skiing and stand-up comedy. I have never been more aware of my limited knowledge of general goings-on--Liam's post-its are almost always news to me. Liam personally broke the first of the Pussy Riot saga, and has kept me updated on the ongoing embarrassment that is Rob Ford.

 As you can see, at least of few of them have made it into my espresso parameters notebook. 

For his troubles, Liam usually gets a coffee that looks more or less like this:

Ingenuity for muscle memory, which is not exactly a fair trade.

If you'd like to see more extensive examples of Liam's work, he can be found at