knitting things + more of the famous windowsill + new plant

The grey? is a sock. One of Hermione's Everyday Socks, actually.
The Ikea yarn has by now become three inches of legit fair isle. I'll show you tomorrow. 
Sometimes I feel apologetic about unintellectual knitting. 
But this is silly.

Notice the new and tiny tropical plant,
and the gemstones. They're on their way to becoming something else.

Today I'm making toasted-almond-allspice-and-marzipan biscotti for Easter.
I'm also writing my second of four final, final papers.
I'm trying to eat only food that tastes good, and I actually want
--less than I thought. To quote Geneen Roth,
"No one's hunger is bottomless".
I'm wearing pants for the second time in eight months.
They're army green; they sit low on my hips and cinch at my ankles.
After the last snowfall, it's gotten warm and the whole city is a lake.
I am wild to ride my bike again.
I'm bracing for the mountain of good work there will be to do once the snow is gone.
Last week I bought this from this talented woman.
I've received two letters as well. Plume and Glynis--thanks thanks thanks.
Heath emailed back. Plans are developing and I have a pile of money to secret away.
I am tired. But the daylight is growing.
I fully intend to wear shorts this summer.

And how are you? I would love to hear your day's news.