Things are settling down and I have a new laptop. And 3 days off. (Really off. No classes, no shifts.) I've got a clogging cold, but I'm taking it slow. The biggest items on the agenda for today?
- drinking tea 
- drinking hot ginger
- drinking water
- reading 160 pages for rhetoric
- baking cookies to console us and the tenants
- finishing this sock:

I think I'm getting better at coping. 

Before all the robbery drama, I had been meaning to show you yet another two images of knotted red yarn. This is something I finished during post-Thanksgiving video games at Tim's parents' house this past weekend:

I promise that subsequent knitting projects will be in purple or green.

Have a beautiful weekend!

P.S. Tim, Alice, Kathy, Peter, Carolin, Jim, Elliot--if you're reading this, Thank you.