Yesterday, while I was at school, someone bashed in our back door, waltzed inside our house, and took my laptop. Luckily, Simpkin wasn't hurt. Luckily, they didn't take anything else. Luckily, they didn't sweep shelves off onto the floor or break all the eggs.

But it was the last thing I needed.  I lost photos, homework, writing, privacy. I can't function as a student without a laptop, so I'm going to buy a new one. (I can't afford it.) We need to fix the door, put deluxe locks on the garage.

But there has been help. Tim's parents waited 7 hours for the police to arrive. We bought hummus, grapes, bread, salt-and-vinegar chips for supper. Hugged the cat. Filled in a police report late at night. Watched British history in bed. This morning we cuddled, made tea, got dressed. My mum's going to give a ride to Memory Express. I think I can deal with today. Sometimes I am even more glad that I am not alone.