fast day

7:09 am - Got up about an hour ago with Tim, but decided not to bike to Transcend with him before my shift at Duchess starts. I'm not sure how I'll be feeling as the day progresses, and adding 10 hilly km to my commute probably wouldn't be particularly wise. I've decided to skip breakfast; it seems possible that eating a small meal might be more difficult to manage psychologically than eating nothing, but I haven't ruled out a bowl of soup after my shift ends at 2:00 pm. I've taken my vitamins with water and a cup of tea. For the moment, I'm dealing with a slight bit of nausea and headache, but otherwise I feel fine. Curious about how the day will pan out.

8:25 am - Off to work on a gravol tablet and two pepto-bismol--the nausea was getting more insistent. I'm surprised and wonder how much is psychosomatic, how much is nerves. I usually eat as soon as I get up, but not always, and it's only been 2.5 hours.

1:48 pm - Home from work. (It was slow, and they let me leave half an hour early.) Since I had my last meal around 7 pm last night, I've now been fasting for 19 hours. After taking the nausea medication this morning, I felt fine, if a little slow, on my bike to work. Similarly, my shift was not particularly difficult, though I was at times cold, zoned out, and more irritable than usual. I'm not feeling hungry at the moment. Time for some water, tea, and maybe a short nap.

6:37 pm - Stomach rumbling, craving cherries, coffee cake, and black bean burritos. But I'm doing well. 23.5 hours down. This hasn't been so bad.

8:12 pm - Since I've been sleepy all day, I'm going to sleep.