The only encounter of Cat and Crow

Crow hopped down
and said, "Puss in boots."

Cat flicked soap
in Crow's eyes.

He was washing up.
His new coat

hung on Crow's tree.
When he wore it tonight

he thought it
would seem quite clear

to her that he loved her.
"I love her,"

Cat murmured.
Crow screamed.

"I love most
her humanness.

When I wear this coat
I know how they walk."

Crow crashed blindly
back to his tinsel.

"But when I imagine
our future, I have always

turned myself into a man,"
Cat reflected sadly.

He pulled out a pair of boots.
He put on his coat.

(I am thinking of collecting all the Cat poems into a little book--maybe a little illustrated book. What do you think?)