false spring

Happy New Year! Is it even winter?

Some resolutions:

- floss!

- run the 5k in April--officially, this time

- finish a new story

- tend a proper garden come spring (tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, rainbow carrots, beets, kale)

- save 4000 dollars

- lose 9 pounds (I've maintained the same weight and size for about a year now, which means that I'm at a net 15-pound loss from the 164 I started at during the summer of 2010. I still don't feel totally comfortable, or pretty, or healthy, and would like to get down to 140.)

- work through a math text (Zorich)

- work on becoming a better cook (Indian and Thai food, especially)

- finish sewing first dress (brown paisley)

- drink champagne for 21st birthday

I am getting stronger again. Push-ups, planks, pike crunches, free weights, running, stairs.

I started painting the second book cube this evening. Whipped-cream white. It's only taken me six months--what of it?

And the rough shape of a new poem today. Something novel and important, slightly shocking; the crucial thing is to treat it naturally.

I would like to give away a couple of felt books. How to go about it? I am not good at creating hype. If you want one, speak your piece. (I will post anywhere.)