following in the footsteps of The Noisy Plume

mint tea

Today I feel:

- hung to dry
- rusty on the violin, but this is only because I actually practiced
- cold, with a headache
- hemmed in by new spiderwebs in all the windows
- reluctant to go out
- domestic/eager to bake an apple pie with a few from the 30-pound box of apples which was unexpectedly delivered to me on Monday by a regular (a beekeeper) at the cafe and which I carried 2 miles home without bruising a single one
- like a giantess, filling my house, but lovely nonetheless
- hopelessly un-genius
- hopeful for the products of hard work
- caught in overlapping birth-and-death cycles, none of them at the same point
- disappointed in myself
- glad for Winter coming, for Christmas tea and oatmeal sweaters, but also afraid
- like my jeans fit
- in love with Quince and Co.'s patterns and wool, planning
- icy and Scandinavian
- collegiate
- tired and hungry, but not lethargic
- loved more than I've earned
- very quiet