Tuesday eatables

I should never start my day with cereal, continue it with bread, and finish it up with pita bread. Ugh.

On the up side, I finally kept a dentist appointment. A cleaning and check-up has been on my to-do list for almost exactly two years. Now,

out come four wisdom teeth,

in go two fillings,

and on go some braces.

My first major investment won't be a house, it seems, but a nice set of teeth.

Also, I have been doing a before-bed plank.

Today is a new day. I had bread for breakfast.(It's rye from the German bakery my mother worked at when she was fourteen. It's some of the best food in the world. But I will not eating it for lunch.) I have roasted brussel sprouts, fresh rhubarb (cooked with a little sugar, balsamic, and tapioca for silkiness), plain yogurt, and more pears for lunch at work. I'm going to leave right away, and take on a few extra hills on Annalena before I start my shift.

(It's only June 1, but I am already covered in sunburns, bug bites, and bruises. I look like I did the summer I was eight. And I am glad.)