an update

Well, Glynis's March goals post shamed me into composing an update of my own. I haven't been keeping this space up to date on my progress lately, mainly because lately, there hasn't been much to report. For the past month or so, I've weighed about 145 pounds, most mornings. I'm quite proud that I've managed to lose 4 pounds since Christmas, on hardly any cardio.(At the hospital, they asked me my weight constantly. And I felt tiny.) I've exercised very little - it's been -20 C, and I've been sick. I'm worried about the race in April. There have been so few days suitable for running outside, and I feel more out of practice than I have in a long time. Going back on The Pill for two weeks helped nothing. My mood plummeted and I gained four pounds (three of which I've lost again). To be honest, over the month of February, I've probably spent more time and concern on the state of my skin than on any other aspect of physical health. Having been (up until last summer) blessed with a near-perfect complexion, it is infuriating to discover new and painful eruptions almost every day. Learning to resist the temptation to pick and squeeze has been embarrassingly difficult. I've felt ugly.

The past few days have seen an upswing. On Saturday I had access to a treadmill, and for the first time in my life, I ran on a machine. It was brilliant. I know that many people dislike treadmills, but in my opinion, being able to run unseen, in an artificial and temperate climate, in front of a stereo, with your speed kept steady for you, beats running outside any (Winter) day. I couldn't believe that I was able to keep running at a solid 5mph for 15 minutes straight, hardly breaking a sweat.

Since Friday, I've been taking in an impressive number of fruits and vegetables once again, and drinking green monsters every day. The dumbbells have made several appearances, my waist has been reunited with my hula hoop, and my feet with our one flight of stairs (again, and again). I feel better than I have in weeks, and am desperately trying to find ways to keep up my activity while it continues to blizzard around me.

Some goals for the month of March:

- lose 4 pounds (to reach a weight of 141)

- increase stair-climbing to 75 flights

- run 3km straight, either outside, or on a treadmill

- do 10 full push-ups (I've scaled my repetitions down lately, trying to concentrate on lowering my chest all the way to the ground, but it's time to get back up to 10 in my new and improved form)

- increase planks to 90 seconds

- drink more tea, and more water

- eat more brightly-coloured vegetables

- journal my activity

- buy some proper moisturizer