a recipe for Glynis

Soup Disclaimer: I do realize that my recipes are not really recipes, but possibly unhelpful vague directions for dishes my readers might like to eat, but can't quite imagine. On the other hand, I realize that my penchant for strong flavors and granola-girl ingredients might make any precise recipe I put together equally unhelpful, since the resulting soup would not be to the cook's taste at all.

To Make Hummus-Leek Soup:

- finely chop the white and light-green portions of three large thoroughly-cleaned leeks (discard dark green, or use in another recipe)

- chop three scrubbed red potatoes, one into very small chunks, and the other two into larger chunks

- heat several tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat in a large soup pot

- add leeks and cook until golden and somewhat translucent

- add several cups of water (enough to generously cover the vegetables), the finely-chopped potato, and about a tablespoon of salt to the pot

- simmer uncovered for 30 - 45 minutes, stirring occasionally

- puree a large can of chickpeas (including the liquid)

- add chickpeas to the pot, along with the more coarsely-chopped potatoes

- if the soup seems too thick, add more water at this point

- add 2/3 cup peanuts-only peanut butter

- simmer another 15 - 30 minutes, stirring occasionally

- mince 2 - 6 cloves of garlic

- chop a few ounces of aged cheddar cheese (about the same amount you'd use on a couple of sandwiches)

- add the garlic and cheese to the pot

- get out salt, lemon juice, and black or white pepper (if you have tahini, you could add it too)

- add and adjust to taste (I go heavy on the lemon juice)

- simmer further as needed, adding water as needed, until the potatoes are cooked, and the desired consistency is reached

- freeze what you can't eat, and serve with a handful of chopped parsley