On Saturday

there was a new breakfast recipe

and a pile of drafts.

Meanwhile, my hair was growing. As I heroically dug my husband and our fellow tenants out of the snow, brand new phrases announced themselves in my head.

"The fact that grammar is a discrete combinatorial system has two important consequences. The first is the sheer vastness of language . . . if you put aside the fact that the days of our age are threescore and ten, each of us is capable of uttering an infinite number of different sentences. By the same logic that shows that there are an infinite number of integers--if you ever think you have the largest integer, just add 1 to it and you will have another--there must be an infinite number of sentences." (Steven Pinker, The Language Instinct)

I took my vitamins in the morning and I made salsa fresca for an impromptu dinner party in the evening. I shunned my textbooks. I brushed my teeth. I listened to the second symphony. I did what I set out to do.