January 18: the postscript

There were somethings.

A change in the weather. A temperature of only -9 C. A walk home in 5km of the cool winter sunshine. A visit to Tim. A stint in a tanning bed. An errand I had been dreading accomplished. A disappointing chapter closed.

The violently satisfying work of breaking up the hardpack covering our sidewalk with an iron shovel. I took off my jacket and hat and worked in a t-shirt.

Prospects. An opportunity. Another chance to prove myself.

The ritual of running hot water, shampooing hair, shaving legs, pumicing feet, and applying lotion. For the thousandth time, I feel like a new person.

Homemade guacamole. Black beans. A red pepper. Yogurt and plume jam.

Laundry to do. A film to watch. Tea to drink.