an update

This week I just tried to get back on track, after a week-long lapse due to stress and a mountain of homework. I tried to do several things:

- exercise every day while avoiding re-injury to my leg
- rein in my habit of eating in the evenings
- drink enough water
- pay attention to my hunger, craving, and satiety cues

Something worked. I've had the most rewarding and exciting week since I began this plan in August. This week:

- I broke my hula hooping record, hooping for five minutes straight
- I started practicing hooping to the left, which, it turns out, does not come automatically with the mastery of rightwards hooping
- I broke my push-ups record, doing 10 real push-ups in a row (which means I need to set a new push-ups goal)
- I had fun biking to school
- I went out to eat, and, for the first time in my life, did not feel sick and overstuffed afterwards. I ate only what I was hungry for, and didn't even want more.
- I adjusted my weight goal, from 130 pounds to 135, after looking up a BMI chart and realizing that weighing 130 pounds would put me at an unhealthy weight for my height. This decision is a significant sign that, for the first time in my life, I do not want to be underweight. I want to be strong. Healthy. Beautiful. More things than simply "thin".
- I ate piles of delicious, delicious mushrooms
- I lost 3 pounds
- I experienced the startling sensation of a pair of grey cotton leggings making their way off my waist and towards my ankles. I seem to have outshrunk my first item of clothing.

Here are my current stats, with my stats from August 23 in brackets:

Weight: 154 pounds (164 pounds)
Jeans size: ? - I'm still wearing my 10s, but they are loose (10)
Time I'm able to run in place: 6 minutes (4 minutes)
Number of push-ups I can do in a row: 10 (3)
Average bike trip: 10 km (8 km)
Activity over the past week: 5 hours (3 hours)
Time I can hoop: 5 minutes (30 seconds)
Distance I can run without stopping: 0.6 km (0.2 km)
Longest run/walk: 5 km (1.5 km)
Average run/walk: 2.5 km (1.5 km)

As for goals, this week I'd like to:
- continue to avoid eating after 7 pm
- run 0.75 km in one stretch
- practice leftwards hooping
- lose one pound
- assess my jump rope skills, and start including jumping rope in my stats
- take my vitamins every day

Before Christmas I'd like to:
- do 15 push-ups in a row
- run 1 km at a stretch
- go swimming with Laura
- have people over for dinner
- weigh 150 pounds

P.S. Thanks for putting up with the minutiae of this process. I promise to try and post some provocative photo soon.