Ugh. Today I feel all out of whack.

If I list it out (went for a 2 km run, had a bath, trimmed my nails, finished editing the first round of poetry submissions for the magazine, dropped off said submissions for the next girl, walked outside in the last dregs of glorious weather, ate fruit, and chickpeas and yogurt), I did well, yet my body is tired, bloated, sending confused satiety cues; my mind bucks and balks as I try to write a mere 700 words for tomorrow's English 207 class; my mood is volatile, and I feel I am just scraping by.

Yet I have something. I know what I have to do tomorrow, and it's a simple list:

- eat steel cut oats with a pear
- make the bed
- run again
- drink 2 litres of water
- go for another walk
- make time for my journal
- bike to school
- watch James Bond
- clean the house
- take notice

(a pair of earrings)

Even on days when it doesn't feel like it, this is what works, and what will work again.