an update

Well, this week I did not lose a single pound, but I am surprised to say that I am not bothered at all.

I went off my medication this week. Withdrawing from Paxil gave me a nasty false flu, but I still exercised 6 days out of 7. I biked 13 km at one go. I practiced hooping. I helped my brother- and sister-in-law move, carrying heavy boxes for two hours, impressing the hell out of Tim. The junkie symptoms are finally beginning to subside, and I do not feel crazy at all. I clearly fell off the weight loss bandwagon, and wasn't entirely happy with every meal, but on the other hand, I felt very sick, and I know I did pretty well under the circumstances. When we went out for supper, I ate 9 french fries instead of 40. I tried weighing my food for the first time, to get a better idea of exactly how much I am putting into my body. I made apple sauce.

I invented a recipe so chock full of protein it's ridiculous. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to resume partial vegetarianism after a year's break. Even when meat is an option, I have trouble getting enough protein. I hesitate to post the recipe, since it sounds disgusting (though it's actually delicious). Perhaps if you're interested, you should email me.

So today:

My weight is still 159 pounds
Time I can run in place without stopping: still 4 minutes
Distance I can run without stopping: halfway around the block
Number of push-ups I can do in row: still 4

Those numbers are all unchanged, except for the new, distance entry. I didn't make my goal of going all the way around the block without stopping, but I can run further than I could a week ago, and when I do, I feel less like I am about to die. I think I'll be able to run to the bus stop for my first day back at school tomorrow. And I did accomplish one of my original short term goals - I biked to school on Friday, and even went three kilometers further, for a 13 km total trip. It felt great.

Total activity this week: approx. 3.75 hours

This week I'd like to write down everything I eat, and generally be more deliberate about eating. I would like to lose at least one pound. I'd like to take care of my emotions. I'd like to take my vitamins every day. I'd like to hoop without stopping for the duration of one song (let's say three minutes). I'd like to be able to report 5 hours of activity. Last week's goals (five push-ups, and a run around the block) still stand.