a much-needed list

After reading this post, I suddenly noticed that my life has become something of an organizational scandal, and that I had better start developing better habits before school starts again. Since getting married in May, I've been astounded by how difficult it is for me to write, draw, read, print magazines, or do Etsy work when Tim is around to talk to. Sometimes by the time we're both out of bed, showered and dressed and chatted and cuddled (and made-up, for me), the day is half-gone. Sometimes I need to throw on old clothes, ignore my hair, lock the door on our bedroom and work, even when it doesn't feel like enough, even when I'd like to be sitting at my desk at eight in the morning, calm and scholarly and collected. But I'm also in sore need of a list of things to attend to while I am locked away. Things that have been left unfinished, that chafe at my conscience because they are important, but not done. This week I am going to chip away at this list, just chip steadily away.


- reprint and stitch Tom-Tom #s 1, 2, and 3
- post off Etsy orders, the postcard to Glynis, and the letter to Crownology
- make a few necessary edits in the magazine listings on Etsy
- renew, and then finish reading, all my library books
- finish reading The Stuff of Thought
- scrub my filthy cupboard fronts
- cut out and iron the shirt pattern drafted last week
- go the deli, and earn some cash
- transplant the spider plant
- clean out the fridge

Also. Have I mentioned how sexy Tegan and Sara are?