pushing the envelope

The reading schedule got pre-empted this morning by a bicycle trip to a posh stationary store downtown. I had a plan.

Two years ago (three?), while Tim and I were still leisurely dating, we used to take turns inventing novelty envelopes and origami boxes for the notes we wrote each other.
I came up with one that I still can't quite believe, it's so brilliant. This morning, I re-taught myself how to fold it, and decided that I was dying to see the effect of expensive paper on my design. So I shook Tim awake (four times), and off we pedaled to Notables, the place one goes in Edmonton if one is planning to spend thousands of dollars on invitations to a destination wedding in an Italian vineyard.

We bought some lovely crisp paper (apricot coloured, and white, five dollars for twelve sheets). On the way home, we stopped for a scoop of gelato. At home we ate pasta. I folded five envelopes. They're fit for a celebrity - so sleek, so cleverly self-sealing. I'll be listing them on Etsy either later tonight or tomorrow. Right now I've got some reading to do.