May 4

I couldn't resist modelling Emily's scarf.

The day began terribly:

- I slept in and had nightmares

- it snowed

- the streets, and my boots, became swamps of slush

- I got an email gently informing me that another girl got the chocolate job

- my laundry piled up.

However, not wanting to cave under the gloom, I've made a list of up-sides:

- the reason I didn't get the job was not one of a bad impression or insufficient qualification, it was only my student's availability

- my house is warm and bright, and by now, almost clean

- there is yellow pea soup to eat later (and there's already been a fresh mango)

- Emily's scarf is finished, and ready for shipping

- Jillian will still get her Omega Lime

- Laura is coming over tonight, to plant basil and watch Blade Runner

- I have a new journal

- most of the watermelon sprouts are still alive and kicking

- I am skinnier, and healthier, than I have been in months