Let's Build a Home 2

I can't remember where I left off the story of our apartment-hunting adventures. As it turns out, they were all for nothing. My Opa, who owns the building where I have a little suite now, told us two weeks ago that the apartment below mine and twice the size would be coming available on April 1. When we went to look at it, we were horrified by the squalor of the present tenant, which included a five-high stack of boxes of pizza pockets, unrefrigerated, but managed to notice that the suite itself is pretty nice. I'll move in at the beginning of next month, keeping my garden and maybe setting off a bleach bomb. Tim will move-in in May. I'll try to borrow a camera and post a tour sometime soon.

We went on a giant Ikea trip last week to buy trappings for our new pad. Eight meters of the sparrow and owl fabric I posted a picture of in January is now stowed in my pantry, waiting to become a duvet cover. We have new pots, funnels, and a water pitcher that looks like a chemistry beaker.